Friday, October 27, 2017

The Joppa Salt Marsh comes to the Nock

Because of the rainy weather this week a few bike trips were cancelled. But that didn't stop our 7th students from participating in the data collection taking place at the Joppa Flats Audubon Center.

Audubon scientist Liz Duff and her team of biologists brought the salt marsh to us--complete with the smell and the fish.

Students working at Joppa Flats assist in the on-going collection of data to measure salinity, fish species and plant life at the salt marsh. This data has been collected for many years and it is interesting for students to learn what data is collected, to be a part of the real-life collection and to learn about and predict the trends. Using the data they can begin to see the impact of human interaction and natural forces on the environment.