Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"How do I know what to do?"

Students often feel like there is too much information for them to manage. They have to remember what to bring to class, where to find the class, what to do for homework, and what resources to bring home to name just a few. So our teachers use a variety of methods to help students build up their "executive function" skills.

Students will bring home their "Middle Unmuddle" (MUM) assignment book today. Students in 6th grade (and at the start of 7th grade) will be required to write down their assignments daily. I would recommend you ask your child to show you the MUM assignment book and encourage him or her to use it as an organizational tool.

Each classroom has the daily agenda and homework assignment posted. In addition, every team has a hallway whiteboard similar to the one below where the assignments are listed.

In addition to these two tools, each team will be working on a variety of strategies to help students manage information and papers. We will keep you posted as the year progresses!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Welcome back to school!

Dear Nock students and families,

I hope you are looking forward to the start of school on Wednesday! Teachers, support staff and custodians have been hard at work readying the building for your arrival. Below is a little sneak peak at the bulletin board Mrs. Buchmayr created--just one of many fun projects created while students were gone.

Students will begin the school day in the cafeteria. We gather there every morning until 7:20 AM. At 7:20, students go to their homerooms. For the first few days of school, sixth grade teachers will be in the cafeteria to escort their students to the correct rooms.

Homeroom teachers will be distributing schedules and helping students find their way through the day. Each grade level may have a slightly modified schedule on the first two days of school, but students will start Explore classes (art, PE, music, engineering, Spanish, wellness) on the first day.

In case you are wondering about eating, here is the lunch schedule: 6th grade-10:30, 7th grade-11:00, 8th grade-11:30.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the start of the school year.

See you soon!
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