Wednesday, February 14, 2018

I am We--Citizenship in the 8th Grade

Our 8th grade students spend the year studying American civics and asking questions like: What are the foundations of American democracy?  What have been the challenges America has faced as we work towards our Constitution's vision of "We the people" and a just, tranquil, safe and free society? How is each one of us a part of the collective "we"?

As students learn about the history and structure of the American democracy, they also explore their own role as citizens in a project called "I am We." Each student selects a topic of interest and plans and executes a project where they can practice active citizenry.

As a part of their project, a group of 8th grade students recently visited the NHSPCA. Below is a brief summary of the project from Sophia Gioldasis:

"I was always interested in animals but never thought I would work on a project about saving them. It was truly a childhood dream come true. My classmates who were working on the same topic as me made non-sewable toys and blankets out of fleece to be donated to a local animal organization. The place we chose was the NHSPCA (society for the prevention of cruelty to animal). Once we donated our toys we interviewed the educator of the place so we could understand what the place is all about and what they are trying to accomplish. After that we took a tour around and saw the cute dogs and cats. We also got to hold some animals. My friends got to hold a ferret, a chinchilla, a bird; I got to hold a rat. In the end we all got information for our I am We project."