Tuesday, November 14, 2017

New Health Curriculum Addresses Adolescent Substance Use Prevention

This year Wellness teacher Jay Murphy is using an updated version of a curriculum called All Stars. All Stars is a nationally-recognized, evidence-based prevention program that focuses on two goals:  
  • Prevent risky behaviors among adolescents
  • Help adolescents build positive and bright futures
As the All Stars Program explains, “The prevalence of substance use increases as adolescents grow older. Research shows the later the age someone begins to use substances, the less likely they will have problems later in life. The goal of All Stars is to prevent use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, prescription drugs and inhalant use for as long as possible during the most at-risk years for adolescents.”

Students in Mr. Murphy’s 6-8 classes will participate in All Stars units specifically designed to promote student assets and strengths and address the specific developmental needs of the age group. Visit the All Stars Website or reach out to Mr. Murphy form more information on the curriculum.

Our Wellness course is just one piece of what needs to be a multi-pronged prevention effort that includes families, the community and the schools. It is important for us to remember that students need to hear messages about healthy choices from many different voices.