Friday, June 9, 2017

8th Grade I am We Seminars

Hon. José Sánchez discussed juvenile justice with students 
The culminating project for our 8th grade social studies course is called "I am We." Students spend the year studying American government and finish by exploring who they are in the "We" of "We the People."

As a part of this project, students select an issue to study. They examine the issue from the legislative, executive and judicial angles. Additionally, they think about how the issue is impacting citizens. Based on their research, students take a stand on their issue.

Chief Fowler shared his expertise on a variety of topics 

To promote civic engagement and teach students about the different roles of our government, students are required to meet and interview professionals. 

On Wednesday, two groups of students were able to spend an hour learning from Massachusetts Juvenile Court Justice Honorable José Sánchez and Salisbury Chief of Police, Thomas Fowler.

We are thankful to both Judge Sánchez and Chief Fowler for generously giving their time to help our students explore the complexities of the American justice system.